Playing with Crackle

Simon Says Monday: Crack It Up

I have had the Crackle Paste for months but not really played with it yet. Simon Says challenge was the perfect excuse to get going. I had a leaf frame I wanted to try the product on, so I placed the die cut white cs frame on a layering weight cs and applied the paste with a spatula. Pulled the frame away to let dry on glass mat. What was left behind became this card. Once the paste dried and cracked, I sprinkled black color burst very finely right on the paper and sprayed water. My thinking was that it would seep into the cracks and turn them dark, not the case. It created a colored background. While the sheet was still wet I mopped it through green and yellow color burst on the glass mat with tons of water. Used the heat gun to dry and then trimmed to size. Stamped circles in gray ink. The blue numbers are another experiment, this time with coloring an embossing folder with colored pencil. I place this paper on the folder and rubbed into the colored area. There was a very faint outline of the numbers on this bg piece and so I sprayed again with water to activate the colored pencil. You can see the blue under the birds legs and maybe see the numbers, if you use your imitation. With tons of color still on the folder I sprayed it with water and closed the folder with a piece of white copy paper in it then pressed with my hand. I was not looking for embossing just a print of the numbers. It worked. Trimmed that paper to a small piece, rubbed with oil to make more translucent and glued on bg piece. The birds are actually die cut leaves without the stamping detail. Added the eyes and legs with black marker. Sentiment is heat set white embossing powder on torn vellum. All is mounted on mat layer of gray and white cs base.

Below is the card that was my original idea. The frame was allowed to dry and crack and then it was dredged through the yellow and green color burst. Rubbed a few areas with finger covered in brown ink.

It was mounted on a piece of white cs with died tissue paper adhered. The tissue paper was rubbed with versa mark then heat set with gold embossing powder. I did add a layer of clear gesso at this stage to help hold the cracking bits in place. I added the Silhouette cut sentiments and punched flying things with white glue. The shine on the dragonflies/butterfly is from adding double sided tape to copy paper then rubbing fine glitter before punching shapes.

13 thoughts on “Playing with Crackle”

  1. You are becoming a queen of mixed media. I would never have thought to try WC pencils on an embossing folder. I do see lot lot of crackle. Both lovely cards!

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  2. That is so cool….I haven’t played with crackle yet…. guess it’s time to try. Both are inspirational pieces to get my brain in gear and just play.
    Was it hard to apply onto the frame? Curious if applied to paper first then die cut. Guess it depends are what you are cutting with. ?
    Happy creating …hugs

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    1. It goes on very easy but the paper is wet and wimpy while the product is still wet. I did see where some use gesso on the paper first. It would not work to apply to paper then die cut because the cracks will just pop off.


  3. Wow – the amount of work you put into each card you create is incredible! They both came out great. When I apply product to a panel, I use a scrap of paper under it and then throw it away. I love how you often use that piece to create a second masterpiece! The crackle effect you achieved is wonderful; I’ve tried this before and was less than thrilled. I think the added inks make a huge difference.

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