Stencil Butters in the Light Box

When I got a wind fall of a little cash I invested in a light box. After creating this card it was time to play with my new toy and see how it captures the stencil butters.

To create: The bg is the first generation of cleaning the stencil, with red stencil butter on it, that was placed on white text vellum and allowed to dry. After cutting the butterfly using the Silhouette on layering weight cs in white, I used the reverse to apply the blue stencil butter through. Once dry I trimmed the piece down, glued the body of the butterfly on and popped up the sentiment. Mounted on white cs base.

How it all turned out: My original intention was to use the blue stencil butterfly only but the butter bled so bad under the cs that the die cut was used to cover up the splotches. I must say the light box did a great job of keeping the colors true and showing the shimmer of the butter. Took a couple of attempts to get the direction of the light on the angle of the card to show off the shine.

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8 thoughts on “Stencil Butters in the Light Box”

  1. Beautiful card, and your photo looks amazing! Your whites are so white, the shine is very visible, and your colors look great. Looks like the light box you chose was a good investment!!

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  2. Great photo of your beautiful butterfly. Love the shine and colors of both your stenciled layering piece and that gorgeous butterfly. Great investment for you.

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  3. Congratulations on the light box. Your card looks great. You can see the stenciling on the butterfly through the white overlay piece, so it has lots of texture and dimension.

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