Butterfly Stencil

Started with stamping wreath on white then scan so I could print it on my toner printer. Then used laminator to foil the design in Wild Dandelion. Next stamped wreath again in black over the foil. Added the butterflies with stencil that was sponged in Bubblegum and Red Hot ink. Added band in pp with a tag that has sentiment in black stamp. It is to be a winter theme. There are butterflies in winter somewhere, isn’t there?

For Mod Squad: Winter Theme with a Stencil

6 thoughts on “Butterfly Stencil”

  1. This is so pretty Bonnie. I bet it has a ton of shine in R.L. Not sure about butterflies in winter anywhere around here but if we were travelling then for sure somewhere.


  2. Wow, Bonnie! This is so beautiful! Love the layout and your butterflies are just stunning! You’d probably find butterflies in winter here cos our winter isn’t really winter – just gets a bit cool LOL.


  3. What a great card. I love the butterflies. I bet there are butterflies in Florida this time of year, and as Jan said they’re in Australia, so it’s a perfect winter card. I’d love to see butterflies today instead of snowflakes. Oh wait – I’ve heard snowflakes are winter’s butterflies – but I don’t believe it.


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