Dots & Stripes

This bg piece I had worked on days ago, I even put it on a card base but was not impressed. Thought some splatters would do the trick but only muddied the water. I did figure out a way to add chunky enamel embossing powder: Use stencil brush dipped in 1:1 water to glue. The glue dries clear but stays wet long enough to spread powder and light heat. Others had suggested straight water which dried too quickly and resist spray which was too messy. After adding the stripes piece then the circle pp I was finally willing to add sentiment strip and single gold dot. I keep a small bottle with a tip of the 1:1 glue on my work area because this is what I use quite often to decoupage tissue paper or even to add layer of gloss to projects.

The Sisterhood of Crafters: Dots and/or Stripes

12 thoughts on “Dots & Stripes”

  1. Another gorgeous background, Bonnie. The layering of the dots and stripes for the bottome portion of the card brings such interest to the entire card. Beautiful.

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  2. This background piece is gorgeous! The stripes and dots piece is a great contrast to the richness of it. Great tip on the formula for adding things. Thanks for sharing that. Beautiful creation.

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