Up-cycle Calligraphy Worksheets

This past fall I took an online calligraphy class and ended up doing many stabs are worksheets. Once I had done the lessons I kept the sheets of copy paper in a pile to use as mop up sheets when sponging or doing various other techniques. Once the sheets were coated with colors and textures they looked pretty cool. I spent this afternoon creating several note cards using a few of these sheets as starting bg. I did discover yet one more fantastic use for my stencil butters. If I use a stencil brush to add color to a single layer white cs die cut then use chunky clear embossing heat set powder I get a very thick yet flexible sentiment that has tons of shine. And I used the last of some scrapes to punch small dots so the colors matched. After gluing them on I added glossy accents for even more shine and depth.

Thanks for sharing your time with me, now I am sharing this with :

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12 thoughts on “Up-cycle Calligraphy Worksheets”

  1. You are so creative; you see the potential in every scrap and piece of paper you come across! These note cards look awesome. Great use for your practice worksheets, and your shiny die cuts look great too!

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  2. The worksheets made a delightful, creative background . Love that you can always see vision in anything and in the case from trash to treasure.

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  3. I love that what most people would throw in the trash you find other uses for, then make something beautiful from it that you hadn’t planned. Great idea with the stencil butter, too. It looks amazing! Glad you’re having fun and showing us ways to use “leftovers”.

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