2022 in Review

I was going through my Design Honors tab for a moment of review and it occurred to me that my favorites from this past year did not make anyone else’s as far as challenges go. Here are my top picks for 2022 from my blog:

Interesting that two of these are bg made with a gelli plate. Guess I will have to play more with that technique in the coming year. Let me know if you favorite made either list? HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy Crafting in the year ahead.

11 thoughts on “2022 in Review”

  1. That’s quite an impressive list of honors you’ve accumulated this year. My favorite of your favorites is the card with the red daffodils. My favorite for your honors page is the lovely gazelle.

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    1. You are so kind and thanks for taking a peek at all of them. I do really like the gazelle, especially cuz it was water colored. That is something I really worked on last year.


  2. Love your favorites and the fairy scene is so beautiful and a definite winner. Scrolling through your honors, of course, I love the Halloween pop up frame card and the dry emboss the flowers daisy card. So much fun to look back on your makes.

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