Fun with Stencil, Tissue Paper and Glossy Gel Medium

I had seen a designer do similar with rice paper and color powders. My love affair with tissue paper could not be ignored so I place the white tissue piece on the Make Art Stay-tion. Place harlequin stencil on that and held tight with magnates. Smeared Glossy Gel Medium then removed stencil but left paper to dry. Sprayed with blue and gold shimmer spray while still on the Stay-tion which created this luscious green. Trimmed down then glued to white layering cs. Rubbed edges with gold stencil butter. Once mounted on white cs base added gold braid, printed sentiment with shimmer sprays on it and the Silhouette cut greenery for pop.

Thoughts after done: Love how this turned out. Very easy, messy yet contained (because all products are water based) and repeatable. The Stay-tion and stencil cleaned up with soapy water. When lifting the stencil, the paper wants to sick to stencil and tear so work quickly. Once I had the piece glued to the base I went back with scraps and cover the white bits where holes did tear through.

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As You Like It: Stencil Love all stencils, so favorite is what comes out of the box because it moved me that day

Alphabet: A is for Anniversary

Pammie’s Inky Pinkies: ATG

16 thoughts on “Fun with Stencil, Tissue Paper and Glossy Gel Medium”

  1. Well…WOW….Just WOW!! You achieved such an amazing textured background that to my eyes doesn’t look overly done. Such balance with your colors and design. WOW! Love!!

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  2. Good morning …I’m with Gayle, not overly done. It’s rich and deep colors are beautiful. I’ve not heard of the butter so that’s a new one for me to look into. I think this is just elegant!

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  3. Definitely sounds messy and not easy, even though you say it was. It is gorgeous! Love that you saw something and tried it your own way. The tissue paper looks great with all you did to it.

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