At the Beach

sea shell


Simon Says Monday:  A Day at the Beach

Fusion:  Summer Who sees butterflies in winter?

This project went wrong in so many ways but now I am very happy I kept adding to it. The dots in the center were the first mishap, they were suppose to be a nice plain bg in solid black but I used aged black embossing enamel instead of solid black and too small of a dot stencil for the look I was going for. SO it sat till I had sprayed shimmer spray on something else and left a napkin in the bottom to save the leftovers. Split the napkin to a single layer and white glued it to the right side. The left side was smooched in gray ink, also leftover from a project a few days latter and to try to flatten the piece I used a geometric ef. Then a challenge came up to go to the beach, so I cut a piece of drywall tape to make a look of fish netting. I sprayed the sticky side with brown spray by mistake (I was going to use the sticky side to adhere the piece to the card). Loved the brown but was not sure how to get the sticky neutralized. Adding fine glitter did the trick. Bunched the piece up and used a glue dot to adhere. The butterfly was Silhouette cut and the base painted with gold acrylic with the detail top getting heat set with aged back embossing enamel. Clean up of the gold paint was on the napkin so I dappled it around before disposing of it. Sentiment was stamped in tissue paper in black ink and glued on. Wanting more of a beach scene, I scanned a sea shell coloring book and printed the reduced in scale shells. Fussy cut, shaped and gel glued them where sea and sand meet. Layered  on green pp and then white cs base in 5 3/4 x 4.

Resized_20200724_121411 (003)

Tip: If you use Bing as your browser you can highlight something and when you right click it offers a search in Bing for that item. It makes it handy when you don’t know what I am talking about, like drywall tape.

15 thoughts on “At the Beach”

  1. Definitely a Bonnie masterpiece. I love the background, shells and of course the butterfly. Not sure how you accomplished it but I like it just the same.

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    1. Funny thing is that so much of the time I don’t really even have a plan. So it is hard to say it is not going to plan when you don’t have one.


  2. WOW! Awesome card with so much texture, shine and beachy beauty! I’m always amazed at how you make something look so amazing when there were so many issues along the way. Those types of panels usually end up in the trash for me – lol!

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  3. I know exactly what you are talking about: drywall tape. I have some waiting for me to fix a hole in the wall.
    Your card is wonderful! I love all the different things you added to it to get it just right. Great work.

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  4. Another stunning Bonnie masterpiece. For not having a plan, you make the most amazing cards. Great idea to use dry wall tape for the fishing net.

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