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Allsorts: Flowers All Over

I had stamped & water colored this image several times on an other project. So with this extra image I smooched with leftover green shimmer spray on the glass mat, punched corners and layered on blue cs then white cs base. The base is what is left when making larger cs bases and makes a great note size.

When my old phone finally died I had to get a more modern one. It has worked out because my little camera I took photos with was also on it last leg, so this is my first attempt at using my phone to capture images and add to my blog. Not bad but more to learn.

12 thoughts on “Leftovers”

  1. My leftovers never look like that…LOL….great image and background and love the photo. I still use a camera to take pics of my cards. I always get messages that the space on my phone is almost full but I thought they were all being saved in the cloud…that must be full too .

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    1. So far I send the photo to my laptop and adjust on it before sending to blog. I then delete the photo and email from the phone. Takes a few steps but is still less then the camera process.


  2. This is a great card! What size is it completed?
    Good luck with your new phone. I had to upgrade mine recently, as well. It may be the same company, but still lots of new stuff in the past many years to figure out.

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    1. It is 4 1/2 x 3 1/2. That is what is left when I cut 5 3/4 x 4 base from letter size cs. I did spend an hour removing all the apps I did not want and clearing off the home screen. Way too busy for my simple mind.


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