Paint Splatters + Tutorial on Gluing Tissue Paper

Inkspirational: Paint Splatters

The bg for this was my mop up cs from when I was using shimmer spray on tissue paper. Stamped the image on tissue paper in black then glued it down on bg piece. Once dry added a finish coat of clear gesso. Let that dry then used water color and ink pad to paint the flowers and add splatter. Trimmed to fit and edged in black ink pad then adhered to white cs base. Added prills and white gel pen to flower centers. Stamped then die cut sentiment and glued on.

Several of my stamp buddies seem reluctant to add tissue paper to their creations so I took photos along the path to making this and another card. So for Gayle, Lisa and Johanna here is my tutorial hope it inspires you to try it.

Here are my tools: stamp, tissue paper, bg piece and black ink
Stamp the image on to the tissue paper. Usually only takes one attempt, the paper is very absorbent.
Lay the tissue on top of the bg and add a puddle of white glue. Any white glue that dries clear seems to work and about a quarter size. Takes more then you think. This is about half of what I needed.
Starting at center gently smear some of the glue to all four corners. Then you can go back and forth and up and down to make sure all has a thin coating of glue. This is where you can add crinkles or winkles if you want. If the tissue tears, try to ignore it. The more you try to fix wet tissue the more it becomes a bigger wreak.
This is how much it wants to buckle, not much. Let dry, takes about 5 minutes, but you can add heat to accelerate that time if you like.
While my green bg was drying I was water coloring my pink bg. The tulips are stamped on tissue paper and glued to bg. The glue seems to keep paint where you put it. I did flip these images such that the ink is sandwiched between the tissue and the bg piece. If you stamp words you can not reverse them and the ink so will have to use permanent ink.
For this challenge I needed to add spatters, so I added them as I had the colors on my brush.
Once I was happy with this layer I like to add clear gesso. It gives a very cool sheen to the paper and seals all my work in place. Plus if I want to add more like shimmer spray or other items, them won’t cause the base to bleed.
Same process of spreading, use the cc and add a dollop of clear gesso. Start in the center with just some of the produce and drag to corner, repeating for each corner. Then drag side to side if you like. The smear lines with this product do seem to show more then the glue so you might want to be more picky with how you smear. The clear gesso does tend to pick up some of the colors, so be aware if you are trying to keep certain colors pristine.

The fun part of all this is that it is paper, some glue and tissue. Take time to play and throw away what you are not happy with. I am sure will find something you love. It also works great for images printed on the tissue.

7 thoughts on “Paint Splatters + Tutorial on Gluing Tissue Paper”

  1. Love the image and how it is coloured and the tutorial is great. Now I know what you do visually it will be easier to have a go myself. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  2. Gorgeous card and what a special treat in sharing a tutorial as well! Thrilled to see you in the Inkspirational gallery; thank you for playing ‘cards’ with us!

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