Purple Spray

Just Add Ink; Stitching and buttons

I was going to add actual buttons to this card but they were the wrong color. In an effort to make them purple I put them on paper used to protect the work surface when stenciling another project and sprayed with Purple Shimmer Spray. The spray did not stick to the button but the button did leave a very cool impression on the paper. Funny thing is that the bird made with the embossing paste ended up not even being used but now that paper is this bg used here. The harlequin bg piece is white copy paper and a stencil sprayed through with Purple Shimmer Spray. All is layered on purple cs with white cs base. Added the angora fiber wrapping and Silhouette cut frame with hand made stitching lines. Sentiment is stamped in black on round tags.

Homemade Shimmer Spray: I am seeing this spray in many product lines and some are quite expensive. After doing internet research and watching videos I came up with my own concoction. 1 part alcohol, 1 part water mixed in a small spray bottle. Add several squirts of color burst, 1/8 t. perfect pearls and 1/8 t. clear drying liquid glue. Shake to mix and attach spray head. Without the glue the shimmer part just wipes off (there was the suggestion of using hairspray but I don’t like the smell or indigents in most of these). The shaking before you add the spray part is because the color burst wants to get stuck in and clog the tube before it gets thoroughly mixed. For this purple spray I did use purple perfect pearls and for a blue spray I made today I also used the blue perfect pearls. It will be fun to see what other colors I find I want and to see what the different shades of perfect pearls give the finished results. Oh and add a few small clean pebbles to help with agitation. My husband empty a shotgun shell and gave me the bb’s which work quite well, too.

13 thoughts on “Purple Spray”

  1. Pretty card. Love the bird and button images from your scrap. I’ll have to try your shimmer paste recipe. I tried 2 others (using gum arabic and a concentrated fixative mixed in) and shimmer still wiped off with both samples. Not completely, but some still got on fingers when rubbed.

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  2. Your purple shimmer spray over the button leaves such a fantastic effect Bonnie and I love the stitching touches and angora fibre and the arty feel to your card. Thanks for sharing with us at Just Add Ink this week.

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  3. This card looks like collage and I love it. You get some interesting and amazing results with your experimentation and the recipe for shimmer spray is a good one.

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