Two wrongs make a right

CAS Watercolour: Red & Black
Stamping Sensations: Feminine

Because I have such little experience with water color I also have very few limitations. In this instance I did stamp the images in black ink and water color with water brush and Koi Water Colors on heavy white cs (who says it has to be water color paper?). Could have stopped there but was hoping for some texture in my heavy cs so I brushed the whole thing with clear gesso. Bad idea, red went where the brush went. Trying to savage the image I sprayed the whole thing with tons of water. That created spread out pools of red around flowers. After using a paper napkin to mop up the excess and allowing to dry I was happy with the image but still did not have texture. So sent the paper through Cuttlebug with heavy textured woven wallpaper as embossing folder. Coated the final piece with white glue to lock everything in place and add a slight sheen. Mounted on red cs layer on white cs base.

This is going to a friend who’s husband is having prostrate surgery. He will get his own get will card, but I think the care givers need all the support we can offer as well.

11 thoughts on “Two wrongs make a right”

  1. Great job! You have texture and used GKD stamps. You can enter this in the challenge at Gina K Designs if you choose. This is a beautiful card. It will bring encouragement to your friend.

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  2. Your card turned out beautiful Bonnie and I’m so glad you didn’t give up on it when the red started bleeding! I actually really like the look you ended up with and I think that really is the beauty of watercolour…it always ends up as a surprise to me too as it definitely has a mind of it’s own! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely, lovely card with us at CAS Watercolour!! :0)

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  3. The background out great. It’s always good when you’re able to turn something you think could be a disaster into something lovely. I like the tip about using heavy wallpaper through the cuttlebug for texture.

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  4. You are so right about caregivers needing support too, Bonnie. So thoughtful of you. I LOVE how your oops turned into a work of art! Lovely soft wash around the flowers! Email me your address and I’ll send you a few pieces of watercolor paper to try. Thanks so much for sharing with us at CAS Watercolour!

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  5. What an adventure you had creating this! I think the end result is beautiful! Love the way you ended up with a soft wash around the flowers. And great idea to add the texture to the piece with the embossing folder. Thanks so much for joining us at CAS Watercolour!

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