Notepad Gift

The Paper Players: Fashion Fun
Simon Says Monday: Home Decor
Double Trouble: Say Cheese

Made this notepad cover for a friend. The bg is some I had made up months ago when my mojo was no where to be found. I know it is a stencil on white cs with colorburst and gold acrylic paint. The focal image was stamped on tissue paper water colored and white glue to attach. Her name was printed with ink jet on tissue paper and white glue attached. Stamped a few images and words in gray and added glitter ribbon punches to centers of flowers. Then the whole piece was coated with clear gesso. This gives it flexibility and stability. I added strong double sided tape to back all the way around then used sharp scissors to snip where each wire hole would be. Removed the tape cover on the wire edge but only tips of the rest. Forced the tabs through wire and attached to notepad cover. Removed tape covers and pressed rest of cover down.

How this cards fits the challenges: For the Fashion Fun: The purple dress this girl is wearing makes me wonder what fashion statement I would want to make if I were going for a ride on a big bird. For Say Cheese: The part that makes me smile is that she is riding a bird and the food element is the honey bee buzzing around her head. Isn’t honey a food group?

12 thoughts on “Notepad Gift”

    1. The tissue paper is bigger than copy paper so I fold it over all the way around and tape on the back with removable tape. I am sure you could tape from the front if your tissue is smaller than the copy paper. I have yet to have it jam or not go through properly.


  1. Super background. I love the girl riding the bird. I always enjoy reading details of how a project was done and I especially appreciate you telling how you print on tissue. I’ve stamped on tissue then adhered it to a candle, but I’ve never printed on tissue.

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  2. I adore that WF image and you made me chuckle thinking about what I’d wear riding on a bird, probably not a dress LOL! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation at The Paper Players this week!

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  3. Oh, Bonnie! Your project is fabulous! I know your friend will love it and will appreciate all the work you have put into it. Thank you for explaining how to print on tissue paper. I’m glad you shared with The Paper Players this week!

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