I love stencils

Simon Says Wednesday: Use a Stencil

As you saw in yesterdays post, I had cut a paper stencil for this decorative heart. The embossing paste is homemade (1/4 c. tapioca flour, 2 t. white acrylic paint & 2 t. white glue). Once tacky dry I sprinkled liberally with silver tinsel gently shake off excess and then heat set. Bubbles some but I like that effect and I purposely left the extra on the sides for bg. Trimmed down to layer on red cs then white cs base. Added the Silhouette cut love heart with the letters colored in black marker.

I was making my embossing paste out of arrowroot but that was drying quite yellowish. The tapioca is still a little off white colored but not as much as arrowroot. Sure cleans up easy and stays on the paper with some flexibility. Still need to try coloring it something other than black.

9 thoughts on “I love stencils”

  1. I think Diana is correct – you should start a craft recipe book! It amazes me what you come up with and how beautiful the results are. This is truly gorgeous.

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  2. Your glittery heart is awesome. I love that you made your own embossing paste. As Diana said, you always think outside the box and should write a recipe/tip book.

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