Make some embossing paste

Had been thinking about trying this for over a year, even bought the Gold Bond Powder and wrote the recipe on the container, but just had not been motivated. Once the Broncos game became too painful to watch, it was time to play. I mixed the 1/4 cup talc powder in a small jar with the 2 t. black acrylic and 2 t. white glue. Added enough water to make paste. The color became this interesting gray and the paste spreads like a dream over the two different stencils. The base stencil I scraped very thin but the balloon stencil I left thick. Both lifted without seepage or caving back on it self. THE best part is how easy clean up was. Running everything with paste on it under water and very little scrubbing and clean up was done. Drying was quick and no cracking and yet pliable enough. The base I left as is and mounted on white cs base. The focal piece I swiped with black ink pad, smeared with my finger and wiped off excess of silver acrylic paint, added black and white splatter then swiped the raised portions with versa mark and heat set silver embossing powder. Sentiment is Silhouette cut white cs with heat set red embossing powder and attached with dot runner tape.

Tip: I will buy some baby powder today to make the next batch in white. The Gold Bond has quite the smell. Doesn’t last long but very intense medication smell when mixing and applying. The recipe I found last year called for talc but I could not find plain talc and the pharmacist suggested the Gold Bond is mostly talc. Recent searching discovered the suggestion of baby powder. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Make some embossing paste”

  1. I agree – making your own paste is amazing and the result is lovely. this is a great creation. Too bad about your team. I wonder if corn starch would work instead of baby powder? It is smooth and silky, no odor for sure. Might be worth a try.

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    1. Funny that you would suggest that. Turns out the baby powder is corn starch with perfumes. Don’t want either of those so I am going to mix up arrowroot and if that is a miss I will try potato starch. When we gave up grasses several years ago, we don’t bring them into the house.


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