Black, Brown, Cream + add a Tag

Mod Squad: 3 Colors

Gayle wanted us to use only the three colors of black,brown and cream. I do not have an actual cream in my stash but I do have cream colored envelopes. So one got cut up to create the layer that I stamped the image in brown plus the hand cut tag that is stamped in black. I distressed the black layer that got mounted on the dark brown. Added black dots with sharpie to the center of the sunflower. Some of my hand made dots are added in the dark brown. Tag is popped up to add some depth. I hope my tag qualifies as a “tag”. Her tag is the shape of gift tag but I guess I don’t know the definition of tag.

Tip: I used glossy photo paper to print the colors of my card stock for the dots. Glossy photo paper does not require heat embossing and maintains it shine when shaped and glued down. Below is a jpeg image of the sheet I printed so you can make your own. I cut out each square and use punches to achieve outline shape, then ball tool to create dome shape. White glue works best to glue down because it dries hard and does’t shrink much. I am excited to use these colors with other shapes like dragonflies and butterflies.

9 thoughts on “Black, Brown, Cream + add a Tag”

  1. I agree – you did a great job and sharing the idea about photo paper is wonderful. Thanks for that. I am going to get hubby to print that on photo paper for me as he used an inkjet for his photography while mine is a laser colour printer. It won’t give the true colours as well as an inkjet.

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  2. It is so exciting that you guys are interested in making your own dots. I told DH that I want my own for three reasons: the colors will match, I can make them as I need them and they lay very flat but still have definition (so they go through the mail). The glossy accents work but look like crap once the mail flattens them. Please let me know how they turn out?


  3. Love the card and your creativity, thinking out of the box and repurposing an envelope….and then you make your own dots and share with others. Amazing.

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