Row of Three

I have this container of Perfect Pearls that I seldom use, so in an effort to change that, I put the gold in a mister bottle and added some yellow color burst and re-inker of bright yellow. The results are better than expected. This photo does not show the shine of the spray when applied through a stencil on copy paper. The rest of the card was made by stamping the honeycombs in black on white cs base, bees are Silhouette cut and heat embossed in black. The sentiment is Silhouette cut twice in white but one was copic colored black then stacked behind the white one then glued on top. I really like how the sentiment is a play on words because the bees really are not suppose to be able to fly.

Sketch 342

9 thoughts on “Row of Three”

  1. What a super card Bonnie. Wish we could see the shine but it is so difficult to photograph shine. Bees are aerodynamically supposed to be unable to fly but they can and do it well. MaryKay used to use them as an analogy for her women workers suggesting that they too could fly if they applied themselves to the sales of her cosmetics. It worked as so many succeeded.


      1. I used to be many years ago. I liked the product and successfully sold it, but I didn’t believe in the concept so couldn’t achieve the car success. I did however learn a lot and some of it was amazing stuff just like the bee comment.


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