Fall is here

Mod Squad: Back to Nature

I had made this scene for an other challenge that wanted orange and white. I thought I was finished and ready to post till I read the actual challenge and it was orange & white ONLY. So when I saw a stamp buddy enter Mod Squad with her gorgeous butterfly cut from a rose petal, the idea came that I could get some dried leaves to add to my fall scene. The tree that the twig and leaves are from is called Honey Locust and is in my front yard.

16 thoughts on “Fall is here”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the scene with the mirrored images. The falling leaves are the absolute perfect touch. Great job my friend.


  2. Bonnie, I accidentally deleted this, so I am beyond happy you posted it again. Thank you so much for doing it. I felt really bad and didn’t know how to get it back. I love this card, especially the mirror image of the trees. Great take on the challenge, thanks so much for playing along with us this week over at The Mod Squad.

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    1. Gayle, your card is at stamp buddies so I removed the link to Mod Squad. It is just too good to not be seen and accepted as meeting the challenge so now you can edit your Stamp Buddies post and put the link back in. I would do it but Mod Squad would see my email and not yours. Hope you don’t mind?

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