What now?

For Mojo Monday: Sketch 509

I had printed out several sizes of this darling critter scene and had plans of foiling this one. But then decided to sponge some color in the background/foreground. Then had the concept to use the focal like the topper to a tent card, so fussy cut the top half. This meant that the base card got cut by half and the white was sponged for sky. The doily was for filler, and so when the lower half that got cut off literately fell into place, it works for balance. Sentiment is a couple of things. First I gave myself permission to cut a stamp for the “you” stamped in black, then cut the “Celebrate” straight on the Silhouette but curved it when gluing down. Finale was to add bling, used a new silver pen from my dear friend Johanna to highlight a few points of interest.

Tip: For small items that need glued like the Celebrate, place them on scrape of paper right side down then hold half still with your finger while using tape runner over the exposed portion. Turn scrape and tape runner the other half. Use a large sewing pen to gently pick up and place.

9 thoughts on “What now?”

  1. Cute card! I like how you said You gave yourself permission to cut the stamp. I am slow to cut stamps apart also, but they always stamp nicely when placed back together.


  2. This is a great design Bonnie. That little fox is cute and how you put this together is wonderful. I love when a plan in my head evolves into something different. You get such interesting results if you follow a flow. As yet I’ve never dared to cut a stamp in half. I’m always worried that the small bits will get lost but I have wiped part of a stamp clean of ink to use the other part.


    1. It makes me smile to know you like my efforts. I have cut several and yet to lose any and they do seem to position together when I do want the pieces back together. Love that pen, thanks so much!

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