Lavender Step

Cut the white cs then added b&w strip for the sides. Center pp is a scrap and the white is layering cs with black stamp then sponged with Plum Punch ink. Sending was cut on Silhouette then heat embossed in black. Tag was made on Silhouette also and sponged before attachment. Plaid was made at Tartan Maker

This ends up being an A2 card size, which is kind of unique.

12 thoughts on “Lavender Step”

    1. Now there are no bees here, maybe that is something you have down there? And besides bees don’t have knees. All kidding aside, so glad you enjoyed it. Sending it to one of our girlfriends that is morning the death of StampTV. it really is a loss and I really do pray for the best for all.

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  1. How lovely. I think we are all mourning the loss of StampTV still, but for whoever this is intended they will definitely love it and feel treasured at the same time. Love the purples which as you know is my favourite colour.


  2. You are the one that mentioned that we are actually morning. At the time it struck me odd, but the more I thought about it the more I know you are spot on. There are at least 3 of us pals that are in funks over this thing. My husband reminded me how angry I was months ago when I realized what was coming, which is one of the steps of morning. You brighten the corner of our world, thanks my friend.


  3. Morning? I think that is a good word! I have been in such a funk, missing STV and just can’t seem to get into cards, releases, any of it! About all I do is comment on your lovely cards! Love the purple and the layout of this one!

    I do wonder if Gina realizes what she took away from some of her most loyal fans and customers? I know she has a lot of new customers and am sure that is what she needs to grow her business but wonder if they will stick by her as did a lot of the original ones. Enough complaining! Hugs!


  4. Lovely card Bonnie, your shading in the background is awesome!!! As was my card, thank you very much. What kind of a brush do you use? I know it’s a make up brush, but not sure if it’s the one’s Amazon sells or not. As for the old site, I miss it, but Gina did what she thought was best. I don’t see many of her loyal costumers on and I don’t know about the link thing, so I don’t make cards much any more………..I miss the old way it was, so much easier to use. But the new site has a lot of new features too. I’m glad you post cards Bonnie, for I don’t hear from anyone. We had freezing rain in T town, and it was a mess. Keep posting your cards Bonnie, as least we can all comment on here…………lol Take care, love those colors of purple.


    1. So glad you like the combination of purples I choose. Never sure how well pp and ink are going to mix and match.

      I don’t think it really matters where you get the flat full brushes. I got the first ones at the dollar store as blush brush in the cosmetic section. Then I purchased a small set at Simon Says (with a 30% off sale). People that have gotten them at Amazon say they act the same.


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