Napkin Card

Lisa reminded me of this fun technique. She used her laminator and plastic wrap. My laminator would not get hot enough to melt the plastic so I went back one step and used what my grandmother taught me – freezer paper. Still used the laminator but the freezer paper worked perfectly. This bold napkin was a gift that I never got around to using these cocktail napkins but they work well for greeting cards. Once the napkin is separated to a single layer, laminate a piece of freezer paper (slightly smaller than cut to size napkin)under wrong side of napkin. Once that has cooled glue this on white copy paper. I stamped the Happy Birthday right on the napkin material in black. The Celebrate was cut on the Silhouette in white layering weight then heat embossed with black and glued on. This piece was layered on Blue Denim cs.

13 thoughts on “Napkin Card”

  1. OMG, may your days back to your mojo be very short. So pleased that you enjoyed my napkin efforts. Your creativity is always my muse even when I feel the mojo flow.


  2. Wonderful card my friend – a great way to use a napkin and get something different with it. I like the cowboy theme and how you personalized it.
    We have winter here too and it is completely white outside. Not usual for us and of course traffic chaos ensues.


  3. Bonnie, hard to believe that this was a napkin and the technique turned into a piece of art. Love your creativity. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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